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Location:Sky City, Holie in the Ozone Layer, Antarctica
Guess this is where they want us to talk about ourselves; something I find extremely difficult to do.

I enjoy much of fandom, though what I prefer is more likely to air on MeTV, Antenna TV, and the like. Those re-runs are like a warm, snuggly blanket to me.

Though I’m primarily a gen writer and reader, I will read plotty het and slash. While I'm not a prolific writer (most of my work is still on my hard drive), I’ve posted fic to my and AO3 accounts. I tended to use a lot of different handles throughout the years, and can't remember the passwords to get into other stories I have on; so, if you recognize something on my AO3, it's noted where it originally appeared.

Answers to some common questions:

Favourite Characters & Shipping: I don’t think anyone’s ship or favourite character is better than anyone else’s. And I just kind of roll my eyes when arguments like that erupt. I don’t like kale or brussel sprouts that doesn’t mean you’re the devil incarnate should they be your favourite veggies.

Favourite Fandoms: As I said above, most of my fandoms tend to air on MeTV, Antenna TV, Cozi TV, and the like. What can I say? I enjoy those silly, old-fashioned programmes. While I write for a variety of them, I don't really have a pet favourite: I'll write what calls to me. One thing I'm cautious about is reading within a fandom when I'm currently writing a fic for that particular fandom: I always worry that I might accidentally use someone else's idea without realising it.

Religion in Fic: While I’m not into any particular religion, I don’t necessarily mind spiritual or religious themes in a fic, provided the author is not proselytizing or using a fic to “call the wrath of god down upon the sin of the day”, as I've unfortunately seen done in several pieces of fiction.

Historical Fic: Anytime I write historical fic, I try to use verbiage specific to that particular era. Additionally, when necessary, I'll review my copy with the librarians at the Schomburg Center, who have been inordinately helpful.

Feedback: If you've read my fic and enjoyed it (and even if you didn't), I'd like to thank you up front for your time, and would welcome any feedback -- positive or negative -- you'd care to give. The only way to learn to be a better writer is by graciously accepting criticism.

Wank: I try very hard to avoid wank whenever or wherever it occurs; so, I'm more likely to just remove myself from a heated debate than continue on with it.

158: 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, 1960s, 2600,, adam adamant lives, agnosticism, akashic records, alchemy, algonquin round table, 'allo 'allo, altered states, animaniacs, art, art deco, as time goes by, astral plane, astral projection, astral travel, astrology, astronomy, avatars, banacek, beverly hillbillies, bewitched, big band, big band music, bless me father, broadway, butterflies, cadfael, cartoons, celtic mythology, channeling, clairvoyance, classic horror films, classical music, dempsey and makepeace, drabble, drabbles, dream quests, dreams, dreamscapes, ducktales, egyptology, etheric energy, etheric plane, faeries, faith healing,, fantasy island, feniquette, fireball xl5, first nations, fragglerock, genfic, ghosts, gilligan's island, gnosticism, good life, green acres, harmonic convergence, harry potter, hemi-sync, hetfic, history, i spy, imac, interdimensional travel, it takes a thief, it's about time, jazz age, killing with kindness, killing you with kindness, kundalini energy, lost generation, love boat, lucid dreaming, lucid dreams, macbook, macintosh, magic, matlock, may to december, mccloud, media west, medicine wheel, men in black, metaphysics, morecambe and wise, mulberry, muppets, mysticism, mythology, naet, native american, neo-pagan, nero wolfe, netiquette, new age, nypd, occult, oobe, otw not, ouija board, out of body experience, outer space, oversoul, past-life regression, peter gunn, petticoat junction, physics, piglet files, powerbook, prince planet, prophets, psychics, psychkenisis, quaker, red pen brigade, reincarnation, religious science, remember wenn, remember when, richard diamond, runes, salvage 1, sapphire and steel, science of the mind, shamanism, society of friends, solar energy, sorcery, soulmates, space, spirit guides, spontaneous writing, swing, swing music, tarot, telepathy, the fbi, the flintstones, the jetsons, theme songs, thrilling days of yesteryear, to the manor born, tv, unitarian universalist, wicca, woodbine, world war i, world war i propaganda, world war ii, world war ii propaganda, z cars.

Interests (150):

12 o'clock high, 77 sunset strip, a-team, adam-12, alien nation, amazing three, andy griffith show, apple, are you being served?, astro boy, baa baa black sheep, back to the future, beta reading, big valley, bionic woman, bourbon street beat, bowery boys, britcoms, broadway musicals, burke's law, charlie chan, chips, chronicles of narnia, classic cinema, classic films, classic radio, columbo, crossovers, dad's army, danger man, danger uxb, darkwing duck, deep space nine, diagnosis murder, dick van dyke show, doctor who, dog city, dragnet, editing, emergency!, f troop, fan fiction, fandom, fanfic, fantastic journey, film noir, firefox, future cop, garrison's gorillas, gen fic, get smart, ghost and mrs. muir, gigantor, golden age of television, goodnight sweetheart, hawaii five-0 (1968), hawaiian eye, hercules: the legendary journeys, het fic, hogan's heroes, hollywood musicals, i dream of jeannie, in_the_heat_of_the_night, ironside, james bond, jonny quest, kolchak: the night stalker, land of the giants, lassie, longstreet, lost in space, lou grant, m*a*s*h, man from uncle, mannix, marine boy, mary sues, maverick, mchale's navy, mgm musicals, mission: impossible (1966), mr. moto, murder she wrote, musicals, my favorite martian, naked city, nanny and the professor, old movies, open source software, perry mason, peter pan, propaganda films, q.e.d., quantum leap, quantum physics, quincy, rat patrol, reading, real ghostbusters, red dwarf, remington steele, research, rin tin tin, riptide, rockford files, rocky and bullwinkle, route 66, scarecrow and mrs. king, scarlet pimpernel, screwball comedies, secret agent man, sgt. bilko, sheriff lobo, sherlock holmes, space exploration, space: 1999, speed racer, stingray, surfside 6, sword of justice, television, the avengers, the flying nun, the fugitive, the honeymooners, the magician, the nanny, the prisoner, the professionals, the rogues, the rookies, the saint, the shadow, the snoop sisters, the thin man, the untouchables, thunderbirds, time tunnel, tv theme songs, twelve o'clock high, ufo, voyage to the bottom of the sea, waiting for god, warner bros. cartoons, warner bros. musicals, wild wild west, wkrp in cincinnati, writer's block, writing, xena: warrior princess
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