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when other frienships are best forgot, ours will still be hot

I joined a friending meme, but I suspect it will deflate my spirits like a week-old balloon.

I enjoy much of fandom, and like learning things I’d never heard of. But it’s also a foreign land to me, with customs I can’t seem to get the knack of. If I can help someone with a question, I try; but most of the time I feel lost in the wilderness.

The rules I was taught (my fandoms tend to skew older, so I gained my cultural osmosis through the “old guard” – it’s not right or wrong; it’s just what it is) don’t fit anymore. And I’m not sure I can adjust fully to the new standards.

I try my best to keep my head low (anon memes and such), and definitely try to avoid being involved in wank. If it looks like something’s going to explode, I’d rather walk away, then be in the path of the fall-out. Although, I have to say that there’s some wank I do enjoy reading just for the WTF!? aspect.

For the most part, I’m a gen fan, but will read plotty het and slash. I’m not a prolific writer (most of my stuff is still on my hard drive), and I’ve posted a little to my LJ and; I haven’t tried AO3 yet.

I don’t think anyone’s ship, fandom, favourite character is better than anyone else’s. And I just kind of roll my eyes when arguments like that erupt. I don’t like kale or brussel sprouts that doesn’t mean you’re the devil incarnate should they be your favourite veggies.

Though I’m not into any particular religion, I don’t necessarily mind spritual themes in my fic, provided the author is not prostelitizing or using a fic to “call the wrath of god down upon the sin of the day”.

While I try to avoid using words that are viewed as problematic, things may slip out, as I have my own issues to work on. So, as I do with others, I try to read things in context and believe in the better nature of people first. It doesn’t take long to learn who’s speaking carelessly, and who’s speaking venomously.

In name space, I tend to be quiet and shy around new people; so please don’t be offended if I don’t answer right away. While I’ve been around fandom for nearly twenty years, I’ve always been a wall-hugger. So, it takes me time to warm up and open up.

If you’re still reading this far, at least I know I haven’t put you to sleep … yet.

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