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I've wondered what to post about, since deciding to join the FFA friending meme. A little this; a little that -- you've either got a fairly decent goulash or something to feed the pets.

Fandom's always been a sort of distant relationship for me; I'm of the generation where I was taught the first rule of fandom is never to talk about fandom. It's this great secret that must always be kept, because no one will ever understand. Now that fandom's no longer hidden in back alleys and dimly lit corridors, I don't know what to do with myself.

I've long decided that while I do have a Tumblr account, it's not really the place for me. (And since hearing that people have gotten a Trojan there, I won't be updating that account any time soon.) For me, there's something missing: one-on-one interaction. It's like being at a humongous cocktail party with everyone talking simultaneously about the minutia of their lives, with others nodding sagely in agreement but not really listening to the conversation because they're too busy with their own distractions. I'd thought maybe instead of trying to converse, I'd do random gifsets from this bunch of Broadway Playbills circa late '30s/early '40s I discovered while packing, but who'd really be interested, anyway. (Besides, I'd have to find the box I stored them in before we recently moved.)

I could discuss the move? Again, most people have moved at one time or another in their lives. So, it's pretty redundant. The only exciting thing to talk about is that when I look out the windows, it's nice to see the deer and the antelope, racoons, squirrels, and horses romping. The worst thing about the move is that though we're no more than two miles up the road from two colleges and a state-run job training facility, the area's so rural, it's not wired for internet. We're stuck using one of those services where your price is basically $10-15 per gigabyte usage, so we're on a 10 gig/month plan (the average American family uses about 300 gigs a month). So, we won't be doing any teleconferencing or YouTubing anytime soon.

The only good thing to come out of not being able to use the 'net very often is it leaves me more time to write. Is that a good or bad thing? As the Tootsie Pop people say, "the world may never know".

I do love to write; it's when it comes to publishing online that I get hives. Much of what I've written is for my own "universe" -- tie-ins of various fandoms -- sort of based on the idea behind Philip José Farmer's Wold Newton universe. Because there's so many different stories floating around on my hard drive, I prefer not to post rather than confusing any readership. So, most of what little I've put up are stand-alones, or in some cases random fluff that came to me at 3:00 am.

I'm not what anyone would call a migratory fan. I have a handful of key fandoms that I've managed to tie together (while, I hope, making their tie-ins believable), and I'll happily play in others. I'm actually somewhat scared of the current larger fandoms; there's just so many people who squee for a while and then drop it like a rock when something shinier comes along. The idea of not having a home base to which to return just feels weird to me. As I've said elsewhere, maybe it's a generational thing. Of course, I'm only 39 (if it worked for Jack Benny for 50 years...)

Sometimes I feel I was born in the wrong era. When you know all the words to the Hut-Sut song, but don't know what's currently on Billboard's top 10, you've got to figure something's a little off. ;-)

Anyway, it's time to sign off for today. The cat has decided that she takes precedence over the keyboard, and of course she couldn't be more correct.


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